Field trip

22 October 2020 (Thursday)


07:00-07:30: Breakfast

07:30-08:00: Check out and get on the bus. Departure from Horizon Hotel

8:00-12:00: Drive to Mengzi City (about 280 km), including a rest at Shilin expressway service area for 10 minutes

12:00-13:00: Lunch at Mengzi City

13:00-14:00: Drive to Banana Extension Station of Honghe Prefecture in Gejiu City (about 40 km)

14:00-16:00: Visit Banana Extension Station of Honghe Prefecture, including banana tissue culture propagation and germplasm resources, etc

16:00-18:30: Drive to Yunti Hotel in Yuanyang (about 100 km)

19:00: Dinner at hotel


23 October 2020 (Friday)  


07:00-07:30: Breakfast

07:30-10:30: Free time enjoying the scenery on the terrace before departure

10:30: Departure at the Yunti Hotel

10:30-11:50Drive to Yuanyang County (about 60 km)

12:00-13:00:  Lunch at Yuanyang County

13:00-14:30: Drive to Yuanjia Agricultural Development Co., Ltd, about 40 km

14:30-16:00: Visit the ‘Livestock (pig)-Waste-Banana’ ecological recycling production system

16:00-18:30: Drive to the Yuanjiang Hotel in Yuanjiang city (about 130 km)

19:00: Dinner at the Yuanjiang Hotel


24 October 2020 (Saturday) 


07:00-07:30: Breakfast

07:30-08:00: Time for hotel check out

08:00-08:20: Drive to Yuanjiang Wanxiang Agricultural Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (about 5 km)

08:30-10:00Visit Banana–Cattle–Waste–Banana (or other crops)” ecological recycling production system

10:00-11:30: Drive to Yuxi City (about 140 km)

12:00-13:30Lunch at Yunxi City

13:30-16:00: Drive back to Kunming (Hotel or Airport)